Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Life laundry

I've been away from here for quite a while now and to be honest, I haven't really missed it.  I spent a long time in my home town of Doncaster, looking after my dad in the final stages of his illness and now I've decided to move back there to be closer to my brothers and their families.  I'm having a huge clearout at home and I've recycled/given away/binned a lot of stuff including most of my college and uni work.  I want to start again afresh once I'm settled in my new house.

I've turned down a place on the Textiles MA at Manchester Uni - I didn't take the decision lightly, but I think it's the right one.  I love art and textiles, but I no longer feel any need to prove myself by spending a huge amount of money on a qualification that will serve me no real purpose. 

I'm looking for full time work so that I can get a foot back on the property ladder - a practical step that will get me closer to my ambitions than an MA will.

I think that letting go of the need to make a living from my art will make a huge improvement to my enjoyment of making and will improve the quality of what I make too.  It will take the pressure off and become what it used to be for me - an enjoyable, playful, theraputic and relaxing pastime.

Once I've moved and got sorted out, I'm going to start a new blog and abandon this one.  I had to make a new blog as part of my MA application and I realised how much fresher and more positive it felt.  I've quit my online shops for now too.  I mostly found them a pain in the neck, especially my Ebay shop - lots of stupid questions from people and unnecessary stress.

So, that's my update.  Thanks for sticking with me and when I've got my new blog, I'll post the link in case you want to continue following.  (It may be a good time to bail out if you're fed up of my ramblings!)

Oh! I nearly forgot, Amelia on 101 Birdtales is running an interesting looking experimental art e-course in Autumn.  I've been wanting to join in for ages, but things always have a habit of cropping up.  I'm going to save up for her Spring one, but she still has places left on her Autumn course. 


  1. Gosh, that's brave - and something to which I'm giving serious thought too. The need to make a living from art turns it sometimes from a pleasure to a duty, and parcels it up with quite a lot of unnecessary stress that wouldn't otherwise be there. I admire your decision not to pursue the MA too. Thanks for such an honest post; very refreshing - and inspirational. Look forward to seeing where your new blog takes you. Good luck.

  2. Well done..very bravex Please do not loose contact as l really love seeing your work. Sorry about your dad but it was great you went home to look after himx What's is it's new name?
    Amelia is a friend of mine, we did our degree together, her course is fun.xxHope to hear from you soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I recently lost my Mum and it takes the wind out of your sails. Just take care of yourself and do stuff you enjoy. Good luck with whatever you do

  4. It sounds like a lot is going on at the moment. Come back to us when you are ready.

  5. It sounds as if you have sorted out your life in many directions. I wish you all the best, especially in my home town of Doncaster.