Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Making progress, despite the interuptions

I'd love to know how other people get on working from home.  I don't know how to say this without making it sound like I'm miserable and don't want to see my mates, but does anyone else have a problem with people thinking that because you are at home, then that must mean that you're not busy?  I've told people diplomatically lots of times that I work every afternoon at home, but people still think it's OK to pop in, to phone up, text, ask me to drop stuff round to their house for them etc etc.  Why?  Do office workers who work from home also have this problem?  Or is it because I'm doing something creative and there is a general assumption that "it'll be alright, she's just doing some arty farty crap"?  Maybe a studio is the answer.  I got very little done today, what with door to door sales people, meter readers, nuisance telephone calls and a friend "popping in".  OK, moan over, I probably don't deserve to have any friends and I am just being a mardy cow and should get an early night.

With the bit of afternoon that I had left, I managed to finish stitching the mill outlines:

I'm ready now I think to give it a good iron and add a layer of wadding (recycled from an old quilt) and some blue fabric for the reverse.  I need to track down a copy of the book I used in my original project as I've decided that my quilting stitches will be the embroidered memories of the mill workers from the book.  


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I work at home as an Artist and Counsellor and friends still think they can just drop in and especially if l am in "Artist" mode...stop chat and have coffeew with them!!!!!
    Love this new work, big project! x lynda

  2. I have tried a few times to leave you a comment. I must admit one interuption was a telephone call - basically you need to be ruder, my son, who works from home, is good at that. Seriously join the mail preferencing service to cut down on cold calling.

  3. I have tried a studio but l found even there other artists pop in for a chat but it is easier to tell them you have to get on.x

  4. Oh yeah, artist just hang out, do a bit of work and have fun- sure! I don't answer the door, ignore the phone and focus. Maybe some ground rules for your friends may help.

  5. Ah you see that's why I have no friends! :D Mind you I can do quite a good job of distracting myself especially if The Professionals are on...ho hum...anyway!

    Thoroughly enjoying your journey with this project and well done for chopping a lump out of the quilt...don't think I'd have been that brave! (love the wee denim pocket there)

    Hope your day has improved missus?! :)