Monday, 23 May 2011

Contains scenes of quilt butchery!

I took the plunge and cut it up:

I then spent ages drawing the mill that inspired my original project (previous post) on to large sheets of paper using a grid to help.  I racked my brain for ages trying to think of a way I could then transfer my drawing in reverse onto the back of my fabric to use as a guide for stitching.  Eventually I settled for tracing it onto the rough side of bondaweb, which I then ironed onto the reverse of the fabric.


I'm sure there's probably a better way of doing this, but it served my purpose.

I've been stitching over the guidelines for the past couple of days, but the light is too bad to take photographs.  I'm leaving some of the windows blank and others I'll be stitching with yarn that I've pulled from the edges of the backing cloth.  The idea being that the mill is fading from history, leaving nothing but the memories of those who worked there, which I'll be embroidering on before I start any quilting.


  1. you've got a lot of stitching ahead!! Well done for being brave cutting it up....

  2. Its interesting to see how this is evolving. Good luck with your entry.